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Hi Julliene /Jim
Sorry to hear this, we are now in the UK until August 25th.

Julliene thanks for stepping in, please let me know the outcome and if you need any money transferring.

Richard Taylor 

Thank you thank you may pambayad na kami sa house namin. Thanks heaps sa pag aabala. Your welcome to stay with us pag napasyal ka dito sa Aus. Just let me know. Will send you invitation letter.

Eileen Chapman

Julliene - I am happy to go with ibrokers on an exclusive basis. I am in the unit from 1 to 4 pm today and then off to the airport. I am happy to sign the agreement if you can come by between those times.

Tim Chapman

Hi Julliene,
I would like to put you in touch with my Uncle Brad who lives in Florida. He owns a condo on the same floor as my former condo and is interested in selling it. I told him what a good job you did in handling the sale of my condo. 

I am ccing him so he has a way to contact you. Hope all is well,

Pam Turlove

Hello Julyen,

I was referred by Maricar Lopez regarding your services.  I have a Leisure Farm lot in Lemery Batangas that I wanted to sell.  Are you interested.  Let me know your terms.

Btw, I am also from Australia.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Ingrid Dungca

Hi Julyen!

You were referred to me by an old workmate, Merle Bobiles, who has but high praises for your professionalism.

I have a property in Olympia Village Makati which I am planning to sell but is tenanted at the moment.

Can we discuss this more over the phone? Is it alright for you to call me maybe sometime today or tomorrow- maybe by FaceTime or Viber since I live in Sydney? My number is +61 ___________.

Thanks Julyen & I hope to hear from you soon!

Maricar Howe

Hi Julyen,

Just let you know that wiring of the fund is successful.  I also emailed Chester.
If in the future you need something here in the States please do not hesitate to call me.
Thanks again and regards to your dad and family.

Luz Taboada

ok great - many thanks

We fly to Australia tonight, so sealed envelope if you get a chance to drop in.

We are back on 16th - I will be 51 - feel like a dinosaur with a 2yr old and another on the way - but having fun!

Thank you for all your help Maloy - much appreciated, regards, Geof

Hi Maloy,

That is wonderful. Great job!  Please send me a written understanding so you can retain an extra 1%. You deserve at least that. I will get the trustee's okay so I can sign it and send it back to you as a attachment with my signature if that works for you.  If you feel that may become an issue with the buyers, I will send you a money order from me as a consultation fee. That way it has nothing to do with this deal. Please also feel free to give my contact information to any prospective sellers. I will verify that you will get the job done for them and that they can be at ease.  

Thank you so much

thanks maloy,

im very impressed, a lot of realtor doesnt answer emails or by the time they answer you already loss interest.
probably they are too busy to have a commission...

 thanks again, i will keep in touch and will be waiting for more photos.


I have contacted you because of “YOUR” ability to sell homes; my wife is in need of selling her home quickly. She and our son will migrate to Canada early next year and we want the house sold within the next month, we have priced this house for quick sale cash. The house is 1 year old and has “IN” house financing for 3.5 million owing, my wife will explain all of this to you. Can you please help us?

We have had our house appraised, the company that did our appraisal was recommended through the PNB Bank near Harrison Plaza . I have attached a picture of the house and location along with the appraisal. In the appraisal they value of the house is at 8.4 million pesos and we are willing to take a bit less if needed. We will pay 7% commissions to you.

Please contact my wife, her nickname is RINA.

Yours Truly James Grieve

hi Maloy,

Wow! this place is selling like hotcakes.  Ok we'll decide in the next 24 hr, regards for the reservation fee.  Can we call you today as soon as you get in? Let us know thank you.
Btw, i got some co-workers are interested in studio room, do you have any studio left? 
thank you


Hello Maloy,
I might have another buyer for you, am doing a little advertising here also.  I gave your email address to them, hope that's  ok with you.  She works with me here in hospital. Thanks! That's very kind of you.

Dear Maloy,
I have not completely gotten over the jet lag yet but I need to let you know that I got the
appraisal report and have discussed it with my sisters and brothers. We all agreed that it is time to sell this property. Pls email me the necessary forms to authorize you to start showing the property to prospective buyers
Should we start working on removing our mom's name from the title? She passed away in Dec.
Thank you again for the prompt completion of the appraisal.
Best regards,
Ampy Paulo

Hi Maloy! Good job. I'll be forwarding the details of your email to my family and will update you about their response ASAP.


Mary Rose

Hi Maloy,
Thank you for taking a quick action on my sales request. Kindly keep me posted of developments or whatever.
I'll be here waiting...
Best regards,

Thank you for your time and service to us.


Hi Maloy,
Thanks for the follow-up. I guess my expectation was high with a 1.5M 400 sq. ft. (20sq.m.), but it turned out to be 17 sq. m. now. I am not sure what the actual is and how it looks. I'm a little bit discouraged by it and also a deal came in for a Quezon farm which is my present project.
If my project slows down a bit and the place is still available, I will look it up again. Hopefully there will be a change in price and shorter period to deal with the present tenant.
You are tho a very professional person, I admire such promptness and how you have dealt with me. Keep it up and more power to you Maloy.
jorge espiritusanto


Thank you very much Maloy! Is it possible to give you the total amount for the renewal plus assistance fee?

 Again thank you and looking forward to your understanding and support.

 God bless and favor be with us all!



yes,you have the exclusive authority to sell the unit.what do i sign to make this possible?

Hi Ms. Maloy!  Thanks for your prompt reply.  I heard it's owned by the Lim family.  They also own that odd looking structure (aside from colgate) right beside rockwell and the lopezes wanted to buy that property from them but they want to develop it themselves.  i was just wondering, maybe they will not need the entire thing and might be willing to sell portions to smaller developers.  will present to our company in case it's in the market.  thanks Ms. Maloy

Hi Maloy,

It is nice to hear from you. Guess what? It is now 18 years and I am still here at Le Met, in the unit you sld to me. The location is very convenient. You are just in luck because we have some properties we want to sell, namely:

                           1. AIC GOLD TOWER Unit 2705 in Ortigas, 3 bedroom corner  
                                          unit with a nice view.
                           2. Caliraya Springs, Laguna,  Fairway Lot and golf share, beautiful

Btw, my sister is looking for a condo unit here in Makati as her second home when in Manila. 2-3 BR  Budget is 10+.  It is a pity we didn't get in touch earlier when she was in town...so you could have shown her some properties. Anyway, If you can send me some factsheets of units ...then I can forward it to her.

Best regards,


I was recommended to use your agency to list my flat.
Please take your time and list our unit with your agency asap as we would like to sell within two weeks!

Best regards,


Mrs.Nadim and Mr. Todd Everts


Thank you for replying back to me right away...  I understand theres a rate of 5% and its fine...  Im kinda in a rush selling my unit here in makati and im willing to go as low as 1.2M fully furnished + assume balance...  i have 26 months left to pay amount of P23,406 (MA) + 2 Annual Payment left of P351,333 due November of each year, and the 49th month of P1,000,000 payable up to 3 years... Nick Abad

Hi Maloy,
I really apologized coz I have been so busy lately, what with the Thanksgiving holiday and shopping as well and home decorating all at the same time. Please give me at least before the end of this week to work on it and I  do appreciate your patience.
Have a nice day,


Hi! thank you for your quick response.
this property however is the one that I got your details from and is too large and would require far too much work for the project I wish to start. Would you be able to find any other commercial locations within that same general area?
okay there are two properties for sale. one is a 900+ s.m. tagaytay property with a view. the second is a house in subic in Kalayaan with 40 years remaining on the lease. I will furnish you with details shortly.
best regards, Raoul olbes

Hi Maloy
Thank you for showing Johnny around.I shall be grateful if you could send me the following pics today for our further exploring.
-full pics of all the floors and studio pics as well
-pics from various angles of the frontage/backward/road views from different sides/nearby buildings pics etc
-anyother pics that are useful
I must tell you that we are a serious buyer and maximum transparency will assist us in closing this or another deal through you.Please also inform me of the sales procedures like placement of option money/time taken to finalise the transaction/time allowed to complete the transaction/your estimate of the price negotiation etc etc
Thank you for your usual prompt response on above matters.
Best regards


Many thanks

Thank you for your assistance.  It is much appreciated.  Take care and have a good weekend.
Valentin Ochoa